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The Good Earth

The Good Earth

The La Veta Community Farm is a non-profit educational farm that uses a non-traditional land use model.  Instead of the farm being located at one spot, our model uses a decentralized approach for farming.  By farming several plots of land throughout the town of La Veta and the surrounding valleys, we get to explore and see which crops do best in our region according to elevation,  micro-climate and terrain.  Our interns are gathering research on best agricultural practices suited to our climate and region using the least amount of resources, land and water to grow the highest quality produce.

Land loaners have generously allowed us to use a portion of their garden or farm to grow produce to share with the community. In exchange for allowing us to use the plot of land we offer a complimentary weekly CSA Produce Basket or two hours of free labor each week from our interns to help with your own farm or garden projects.  If you live within the town limits and pay for water, we will reimburse you for water usage on your plot.  We put a temporary fence around the growing area if you do not have one already, amend the soil, set-up  an irrigation system on a timer, plant, weed and harvest the plot.  Land loans are negotiated each season so if you would like to give it a try you are not in any way obligated for future seasons.

We have all the plots allocated for the 2015 growing season.  Thank you to our land loaners! If you would like to be a land loaner for the 2016 season please fill out the form below.


Please note that the area you allow us to use is managed by our interns and cannot be disturbed during the growing season in anyway.

If you are interested in participating  your property needs to meet the following criteria:

Flat, usable land of at least 8,000 sq ft up to 10,000 sq ft

Access to water with faucet or outlet to which we can hook-up our irrigation system

The plot you are loaning has not had any pesticides or chemical fertilizers for the past three years

The plot is within 5 miles of the town of La Veta


For more information or if you would like to participate in the land loan program please fill out the following information. Please give a brief description of your plot you are loaning and we will contact you to set-up a Land Loan Evaluation appointment.  Thank you so much for contributing to our program!

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