Educational Internship Program

Sams gardenThe” Farm to Table” Education Program is an experiential, hands-on learning program that covers all aspects of a local food system. Participants will be involved in learning market farm design along with permaculture design, implementing and recording best methods to grow food, participating in community outreach and education, becoming proficient in culinary skills through preserving, preparing and serving seasonal local food, along with an individual specialized area of focus.

New ways of thinking about farming using biodynamic, bio-intensive, permaculture and other innovative farming techniques allow us to determine best practices for farming. Our unique challenges include uncertain water resources, high altitude growing and short season. We will be exploring and experimenting with various techniques to build soil, grow healthy, pest-resistant plants, and work towards developing a higher nutrient content in foods through proper mineralization of the soil and following the biodynamic planting calendar and using biodynamic preparations. We provide our community access to fresh local vegetables and farm products though our CSA Basket program, our Farmer’s Market Stand, supplying our farm to table restaurant “Cowgirl Cantina”, community education and local food celebrations, parties and events.  The interns in our program receive education and guidance while actually running the farm and our local foods initiatives.

Our philosophy is based on the premise that it is our responsibility to restore and replenish the land on which we live and grow while strengthening our local economy and creating a resilient thriving community. We believe that all things are sacred and that when we live attuned to the earth and in harmony with all living things is when balance is created in our life and abundance springs forth. Growing ourselves is even more important than growing our food and we will be exploring what it is like to live from a place where we are deeply connected to nature. If you are looking for an integral experience of a new way to farm, grow, and live, then we encourage you to apply for an internship with us.

The Internship Program follows the growing season from seed through harvest to preservation and starts May 15th and goes through October 31st.

We still have openings this season! We are looking for creative, hard-working, self-motivated individuals, who want to participate in a grassroots food movement.  This year we are continuing to strengthen the vibrant local food movement we have created by expanding our efforts, including more activities and outreach on the “table” side of the program, raising ducks, geese and poultry, heritage pigs, and doubling the amount of vegetables, herbs and flowers we produce.  In order to accomplish our goals, we are looking for interns that will bring various skills and experience to the program.  The internships are broken down into the following areas of focus.  Please note that although you will be applying for a specific internship position, this is a holistic  program and you will be learning and experiencing all aspects of a local food movement.  Please click on the title to find out more about each position.

                                                 Farm to Table Culinary Arts Manager  Positions Available: 1  

                                                 Farm Internship and Stand Manager  Positions Available: 1



Educational Seminars Included in the Program:


Team Building and Leadership Retreat

The Program kicks-off with a team-building retreat where we get to know one another and create strong bonds that will help us to be a powerful team this season.  We will be exploring our strengths and our areas in which we have the opportunity to grow so that we can shine both individually and collectively. This retreat includes fun activities such as working on the ground with horses, exploring sacred caves and  hiking to the top of  one of our tallest mountains.

Systems and Critical Thinking

In nature nothing exists outside a system.  We will be learning to see patterns and think in systems to problem solve, create innovative new methods and be able to recognize the relationships between all things.

Permaculture Principles and Design

Permaculture is a design system using nature as a model to create ideal environments for plants, animals and humans. Permaculture principles are just starting to be used in commercial farming and we will be incorporating them in our growing methods.

Market Farming

From seed to soil to harvest we will be engaged in all aspects of market farming and food production. Using bio-intensive, deep organic and permaculture methods we will grow food for the community to be then donated at our Local Market, distributed in a weekly produce basket for our membership and available at our new Farm Store.  Soil Building, seeding, transplanting, harvesting, season extending, greenhouse growing, cover cropping, and seed saving are taught.

Farm Products: Vertical Integration

Adding value to farm grown fruit, produce and herbs enhances a market gardeners offerings to the community.  We will be coming up with products and goods to sell at the farmer’s market as well as at our farm store.

Farm to Table Food Preparation

Learning to prepare food and eat seasonally is a key component when living in the rhythm of nature. You will learn to preserve, prepare and create great local cuisine. We will be preparing, preserving, cooking and serving local seasonal food. Learning to cook seasonally with what is available locally is a healthy trend that you will experience and share your knowledge with the community.

Wild Foraging, Fishing and Hunting

You will be learning to forage for wild foods found in our local mountains, forests and valleys. Our region is pristine and we have an abundance of wild plants, herbs, berries, medicinal flowers and plants, roots and mushrooms that we will be responsibly foraging throughout the season.  We have fantastic trout fishing in our local lakes and it is also possible for those interested in hunting to participate in the various hunting seasons with local hunters.  Incorporatng wild food is an important aspect in a local food system.

Visionary Leadership Retreat 

Towards the end of the program we will be leading a retreat  for the interns on visioning for your purpose and passion in life. After this weekend seminar you will have clear vision of your next steps and how to share your talents.  The role of Community Leader will be explored and encouraged within your vision.


The program is free and dormitory style accommodations are provided, along with all meals using local organic food. Meals are eaten communally  with the other interns and cooking duty is  rotated among the group according to a schedule. We can not provide a stipend at this time, but we will provide ample time to work at our farm to table restaurant, in gardens, cater private events and work for other community members so that you will have a chance to earn some spending money.

La Veta is a beautiful, rural community in southern Colorado of around 800 increasing to 2000 in the summer with a diverse community of ranchers to artists. We have a quaint Main Street and several good places to eat, a great coffee shop, a bakery that has been baking awesome bread for over 20 years, an active library that has guest speakers and shows good films. We still have mostly dirt roads and more deer in town than people, but that is part of our town’s charm. There are talented musicians here and there is always something fun to do. If not, we make our own entertainment with drum circles, dance parties and lots of good local food!

If you are seeking a holistic approach to learning all aspects of growing food, growing awareness and growing community then this program is for you!

If you are interested in applying to our internship program please fill out the form below. Please tell us which position you are applying for.  We will be taking applications until all the positions are filled.

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Thank you for considering our program!

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