Wahatoya Community Farm

A La Veta Market Garden

A La Veta Market Garden

The Wahatoya Community Farm is a decentralized educational market farm run by agricultural student interns.

Community members have generously loaned garden or farm space for growing in exchange for produce out of the garden or a couple hours of help with their garden or farm each week. The interns are future sustainable farmers who are interested in making a difference through some aspect of the local food movement. The interns are in an educational program that explores innovative practices in market farming and bio-intensive farm production, community service and activism, permaculture principles and design, preparing and preserving seasonal local food, and much more. Each intern is also engaged in a research project in their particular interest area which includes herbalism, dryland or high altitude farming, permaculture methods in farming, fruit orchard restoration and beekeeping. These research projects provide valuable information that benefits our area and also benefits the research for other high altitude dryland regions.


The farm is offering a membership to recieve a weekly vegetable and fruit basket from May through October. Sign-up to get a weekly basket filled with fresh, organically grown, seasonal, local produce and fruit. Add-ons may include local eggs and meat. For more information click below.

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