Wahatoya Farm

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We believe the earth, humanity and all living things can be saved from the current state of degradation and brought into a balance where everything and everyone is thriving through restorative agricultural practices and the elevated nutrition that biodynamic farming provides.

Our Farm: ecological, ethical and spiritual stewardship of the earth that produces food with extraordinary flavor, quality and nutrition.​  We raise over 40 varieties of vegetables, herbs and flowers along with heritage pork, free-range chicken, egg-layers, ducks and geese for our farm to table restaurant on Main Street “Cowgirl Cantina” and also for our CSA and the Farmer’s Market.  If you are passionate about making a difference through farming, food and nutrition then this internship is for you!

You will be immersed in a full growing season from seeding, planting and transplanting, installing irrigation systems, plant care, green house growing, harvest, seed saving, preserving food through canning, drying, and fermenting and raising layer and meat chickens and our cute heirloom pigs! You will learn how to apply no-till permaculture methods to market farming that save water, build soil, and mimic the natural cycles of nature . We will be moving to more biodynamic practices this season. The “Deep Organic” biodynamic philosophy understands the influence of the sun, moon and planetary constellations have on plant’s and animal’s growth and vitality creating a homestead that becomes a self-sufficient, living organism. These methods, along with organic and bio-intensive growing practices, combine to promote healthy plants, greater yields and higher nutrient value while caring for the earth and all its biology.

Our Table: beauty vibrates off the plate, flavor fills the soul with joy,
the love in our food makes the belly smile…
Learn the importance of providing the highest quality, most nutrient dense, good-for-you food to the community. Our growing program sells most of its produce to our Farm to Table restaurant and the Farmer’s Market.  We educate our customers to the delicious benefits of eating fresh just-harvested, made from scratch food that follows the season and delights the senses. You will be helping to grow the food and make value-added products that are served with love in our friendly community-oriented restaurant. If you are interested, you can help us out at the cafe, where we have a fun working atmosphere using sacred commerce principles that create a nurturing working environment to grow us while we share our gifts and our hearts with our patrons, creating an incredible food experience for them. This is not business as usual but a new way to prepare and present food, educate and feed the community with love!​

We are looking for 2 more self-motivated, team-oriented, friendly interns that bring their previous farming experience to the project. The farm is run by our farm manager and the intern team and the program is designed to be a well-rounded learning opportunity that encompasses the complete farm to table life cycle. The internship program runs from May 15th through October 31st, 2017. It is important to go through an entire growing season and we can only accept interns that can commit to complete the program. Interns participate 40 hours a week farming and serving the community through farmer’s market, education and making value-added products. Culinary interns work two days a week at the farm to table cafe and also catering farm to table weddings and events.

Here is a sample weekly schedule:

Tuesdays: Learning Day: New concepts and skills are taught and then put into practice. All team members.
Wednesdays and Thursdays: Farm Days
Fridays: Farm Day, Value-added Product Production, Harvesting and Preparing Vegetables for the market.
Saturdays: Farm Day, Farmer’s Market or Help in the Cafe: Help out at the farmer’s market stand or in the cafe according to your interests.
Fridays and Saturdays for Culinary Interns: Work in the Restaurant, Cater Farm to Table Weddings and Events
Sundays and Mondays: Days off to explore the area, rest, relax and enjoy our beautiful mountains!

The internship includes education and hands-on training and full room and board. Interns live together in a large, four bedroom house on the farm. Great organic food is provided, along with the produce off the farm, and you will be cooking for one another. Days the restaurant is open, everyone is encouraged to eat the delicious food we serve there and to hang out with the community. We will be working on communication, team building, leadership training and other important life skills. Yoga and meditation practice is available to those who would like to participate. A team building retreat in the mountains and later in the season a Vision for Life retreat are included in the program. We will also be taking a couple of farm to table field trips to Taos New Mexico and Paonia Colorado. There is not a stipend at this time but there is opportunity to work at the cafe or in the community to earn spending money.
It is important to us that you leave the program at the end of the season with clear goals of your next endeavor in life and that you have a strong gardening and homesteading background to live a sustainable life and do great things in the new emerging good food movement!

​Want to be part of creating something extraordinary? Apply by clicking on the Intern Page in the menu above.

Please email your application to: Kristina@LaVetaFarmtoTable.com

Call Kristina at 719-890-4047 for questions and to learn more about the program.