Farm to Table Culinary Arts Internship

Local Food You will be working at our farm to table restaurant “Cowgirl Cantina” along with planning and over-seeing local food events, helping to cater our farm to table weddings and events, teaching cooking classes to the community and to the other interns, coming up with local food recipes for the farmer’s market, creating and preparing value-added products, learning to can sauces, soups, jams and other preserved foods, and planning, preparing and serving food at our farm to table dinner events.  Other tasks include keeping the intern pantry inventoried and stocked, managing the intern kitchen and seeing that it is well organized and clean at all times, scheduling and overseeing the other interns for shared meals, and providing leadership, managing and inspiring the other interns during fundraisers and events.  You will also be immersed in the farm learning to seed, grow and harvest produce, eggs, pork and chickens along with wild foraging and fishing.

Your Contribution to the Program:

You have a culinary degree or lots of experience working in the culinary field as a chef or cook.  You are passionate about the Farm to Table movement realizing that fresh, local healthy ingredients are the secret to great food.  You are creative, love to make everything from scratch and are able to demonstrate healthy, seasonal cuisine.  You would love an opportunity to share your knowledge and teach cooking classes, inspiring others to create fabulous dishes using seasonal, local food.  You are excited about incorporating wild forged herbs, fruits, mushrooms, fish and game into your cooking experience.  You know or would like to know how to preserve food, herbs and meat to extend the season and provide local foods all year round.  You would love to learn more about growing and harvesting food throughout the season and would embrace hands-on helping out in the field.  You have a sunny, positive outlook and understand that if we can influence healthy change in the way people eat, we can overcome the many health and environmental problems facing our culture.  Understanding how demanding a commercial kitchen can be, you thrive in a busy environment and would like to experience working at a true farm to table restaurant. You are ready to demonstrate the importance of knowing where your food comes from and that by emb059racing fresh, seasonal food we can save oursecannedtomatoeslves and the planet.

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