Farm Stand Manager Internship

eOur farmer’s market is on Saturdays between 9 am and 12 pm, starting end of May through mid October.  You will be responsible for organizing, setting up, creating attractive displays of produce and farm goods, pricing using the weekly CSU extension guideline, creating effective signage, selling including customer education and community outreach, and taking down, making sure that all market props, signs, tents and baskets are properly stored and that left-over produce and products are incorporated into the farm store market.  You will oversee fellow interns helping with set-up, sales and take down insuring a seamless, effective process each week.  The market is our face to the community each week and you are the ambassador of our program.  The Farm Stand Manager is also an integral part of our farm team and you will be fully immersed in the farm program. You will be involved in and learn the entire growing cycle: preparing beds, seeding, growing, maintaining, harvesting and preparing plots for over-wintering.

Your Contribution to the Program:  You are well-organized and love to interact with the public.  You are a good sales person and not only sell but educate as well.  You are good with creating attractive displays, signage and know how to handle a crowd.  You have experience selling at a farmer’s market and know the importance of friendly, fast service.  You are able to be an encouraging leader creating an up-lifting, fun environment for your fellow intern helpers.  The market is our highlight of the week and is a fun, interactive day for all of us.  You are familiar with various vegetables and have worked on farms before.  You are willing to work together with your farm team and are willing to take direction from the Farm Manager.  You are interested in a holistic learning experience growing, maintaining and harvesting produce along with learning to wild forage.  You are hard-working and dedicated to the local food movement knowing that what you learn and share with others makes a difference in our world.

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