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Our Mission

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Imagine the Possibility

Wahatoya Community Initiatives is a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring, empowering and strengthening a flourishing, vibrant community in the Wahatoya region. Our emphasis is on education to raise awareness and to encourage action and participation in order to create the web of a rich, interconnected, vibrant local community. We are an incubator and support the development of a thriving local economy, based on locally sourced food, goods and services.

Be An Intern

ComFarmPosterWahatoya Community Initiatives is in the process of interviewing interns for the 2017 season for our Cucharas River Farm. Our “Farm to Table” Educational Internship Program explores innovative practices in market farming and bio-intensive farm production, community service and activism, permaculture principles and design, preparing and preserving seasonal local food, creating value-added farm products and many other aspects of a local food movement.  This year we are introducing Biodynamic principles!


Wahatoya Free Choice Farm Basket Program

039The Wahatoya Farm is offering a free choice basket program this season! Members get to chose 6 to 7 items each week from our beautiful, seasonal produce organically grown from our farm stand at the local market and create their own baskets. Support the farm by participating in the membership and get exactly what you would like each week!

Find Out About the New Free Choice Basket Program for 2015! Learn More